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Whether you are looking to have a website created or looking for the best SEA and SEO, Timbranding is for you. Learn about how our company can help you in today’s digital marketing industry.


Search Engine
Optimization / Advertisement

Search engine optimisation is one of the most important services that a website needs, as it can lead to exponential growth of a website. This is achieved through the right SEO / SEA.

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We offer multiple services for digital marketing. For example, E-mail Marketing, Seo Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more.

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Do you want a professional website design to showcase your portfolio, an e-commerce website, or a marketplace? No worries, we create modern websites/webshops from A to Z.

Onderhoud services


If you own a website, you are eligible for our maintenance services. These services are of utmost importance in order to keep a website up-to-date and secure.

Online presence

Bring life to your business with digital marketing

We at Timbranding strongly believe that a healthy business needs a solid online presence. To create this presence, you need to be constantly active on multiple platforms, which can take a lot of effort and time.

We offer services in multiple fields such as Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads and more. Our services make it easy for a business to stay constantly active with online marketing.

In addition, the costs are lower with our effective PPC (pay per click) through our search engine advertisement. This can save a company a lot of time and money.

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Get More Traffic on Your Website with sEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. With SEO we aim to make your website score high in Google. As a result, your website will get more organic search results through our SEO strategy.

A site does not generate traffic on its own. Good website design has a lot to do with SEO. The most effective way to generate traffic/leads is the use of keyword research, link building, an optimised site, and also a user-friendly site. This leads to a high ranking in search engines like google. 

In our SEO optimisation, we use high-end tools to analyse the current data. With these tools, we can track whether the website has any internal faults. This can be bad internal links and external links but also the structure of the websites’ code language. We make sure that the results of your website are the same as a good seo.

With these tools, we can keep up with the constantly changing market of search engine optimisation. This ensures that we can always implement the right keywords for your website. In addition, we ensure that relevant links, link to your website.

Keyword Research 100%
Link Building 100%
Website Optimization 100%
User-Friendly website 100%
Let us create your website

Let us create a professional website for you

Your own website is your digital business card nowadays. Do people want to know more about your company? Then a website is a must.

We also offer webshops for our E-commerce customers. These have their own database and can be linked to other systems by means of APIs. With an API, a lot can be automated, such as the transport of a product.

A website can be seen as a funnel for more sales and customers. This brings your company closer to your customers, which ensures that the customers structurally purchase more products/services.

Conversely, your customers are also closer to your company, resulting in a stronger relationship. With a customer database, it is possible to send out a promotion in a split second.

Do you want a website / website design made? Take a look at our web design page.

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From presenting your portfolio to having a subscription-based site. We make your website design reality.

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Search Engine

Don't have enough organic viewers? Don't worry, we offer valuable SEO services.

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Social Media

Social media is a must in the online marketing sector, which is why we keep your social media up to date.

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Need maintenance for your site? Don't worry, we'll make sure your website stays up and running.


Search Engine

Do you want more than organic clicks? Why not invest in paid clicks with SEA! This can generate a lot of traffic with the right keywords.

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Do you want to make maximum use of your current audience? With E-mail marketing you show your latest news.

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Latest blogs and Attractive news in digital marketing

Want to learn the most recent changes and remarks of the online world. Check out our blog and attractive news articles.

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SEA Is A Powerful Tool For Startups

Google SEA is somewhat similar to SEO. With both, you work with effective keywords that ensure a higher Google ranking.

With Search Engine Advertisement, a Google Adwords campaign is improved. Search Engine Optimization improves your organic growth.

In short, SEA provides paid search results and SEO provides organic search results. Read our article “SEO VS SEA” to find out more about the difference.

We take care of your Google Adwords ad by means of an efficient PPC (pay per click). This means that we search for keywords that rank high and are cheap to advertise on Google.

In Adwords, the content of your ad is also important. We provide this content with our seo strategy that ensures that your website scores well.

Interested in a google adwords specialist? Read more here.

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social media marketing
Social media marketing

Get more leads through social media accounts

With social media marketing, we take care of your campaigns with the well-known social platforms. These advertisements are designed, created and monitored. With these steps, we optimally take care of the campaign and it is constantly improved.

On social media, it is extremely important that you are not considered inactive. That is why we constantly add content to your social media platform. This ensures that your account is seen as active. As a result, your account grows exponentially in followers.

See below for which platforms we fill content and set up campaigns.

Facebook ads 100%
Instagram ads 100%
Youtube ads 100%
LinkedIn ads 100%
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