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Want to know more about a professional website or webshop? Read more about how we work with your webdesign, but also why a website is so important!

Website creation

Creative Web Design Solutions for Corporate Websites

We create dynamic solutions for a wide range of companies. We create our websites for both small and large companies. 

A corporate website consists of the right structure. This consists of the correct internal linking, clean code language, proper urls, and of course a user-friendly interface. 

Of course, the security of your website is also very important. Therefore we try to implement several security measures on your website.

Also, our maintenance services are important here. They keep your website up-to-date, which reduces the chances of hackers hijacking your website. 

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web design

We believe that a website is a necessity in the 21st century

To have a good online presence, you need a website. A website is a perfect gateway for your customers to find out more about your company. Think of it as your online business card. Where the customer can contact you online.

Another benefit is that you have more control over your customers because you can contact them directly. For example, when you have a promotion that can be sent out automatically. And mutually, customers have a better way of contacting you!

Our webdesigns

we create a matching web design for your Business

Good web design makes you stand out from your competitors. It also keeps the bounce rate low and the session duration high. This means that visitors stay on your website. 

More visitors on your website means more income, for example through Adsense, or selling a product on your website.

When a client comes to us, they often already have an inspiration site, which makes it easier for us. On this example page we can base all our colour codes and structure.

Check out one of our design projects called Freelanceitis. Here we discuss how we worked with the client.

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Contact us

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Amazing Web design!

Please leave us a message with a short description of your company and what the purpose of the website would be. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

In order to create a quality image of what the company requires from its website, we like to ask for sufficient information to work with. A list of questions may be enough in most cases. If there is a big issue, we prefer an online interview.

Want to know more about our other services? Check it out on our homepage.

A structured Database

Having a website keeps your clients close to you

A structured website can result in an enormous increase in sales/leads. Your customer base is completely in your hands.

Take for example, you have a promotion and want to inform your existing clientele. With a website you can send an automatic email about your promotion. 

This is much more efficient than sending your customers an e-mail one by one. 

Besides this, it is also possible to set timers on your promotion. A Christmas promotion can be sent out on exactly the 1st day of Christmas. This means that you can structure all your marketing work in advance.

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corporate webshop development

Always wanted your own online shop?

Starting your own online business in E-commerce? We create a customized web shop for your brand. 

Whether you sell a product or a service, we make the right webshop for you. 

We also explain how you can maintain your shop. For example, entering your products, stock, delivery, etc.

It is also possible to integrate APIs. This can provide multiple automations like the delivery.

website creation price

How much does it cost to create a corporate website

Having a new website / web shop made varies in cost. One website may have a larger number of pages than another. This results in more hourly work which increases the price.

For each website a minimum hourly rate of 50 eu’s is charged. A website project can take between 10 – 100 hours. Therefore we cannot put a fixed amount on it.

When our clients come to us, we first discuss their wishes. With this we estimate how many hours we approximately put into their project. This will then be included in the quote.

When we start working on our websites, we expect a 50% deposit to reduce our risk.

Interested in your own website? Get in touch with us!

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