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For your business

Website maintenance can take a lot of time that a company doesn’t want. We will manage your website so you can put your effort further into your business.

Website management

A well maintained website is a safe website

If your website is not maintained, all kinds of problems can occur. Not only can your website stop working. It is also less secure. 

Hackers can easily abuse an outdated website. This makes it very important to maintain your website.

If you let us maintain your website, we provide daily check ups. This means that we check if the website has any problems.

In case a problem occurs, we will immediately make a backup. These backups are made daily. This reduces the chance of losing a lot of data.

Daily check ups

The site will be checked daily for any defects.

Updates / backups

The website is updated 24/7 and backed up daily.

website maintenance
website maintenance
Maintenance services

We offer multiple services for maintenance

Based on the software with which your website was built, we offer several services. Read more about our maintenance services here. The website maintenance fee is calculated on the number of hours required. A website that uses more pages and plugins will need more work than a standard blog website.

It does not matter what software a website is built out of, it has to be constantly updated. Constant updating is important for the benefits of the newest software and the security of the website. 

we review the website daily to see if any flaw has occurred on website. This prevents your live site having minimal downtime.

We create daily backups of your website. In the case, there is a problem we can use the backup immediately to prevent downtime.

First of all, updating prevents a lot of security issues. Based on the software you are using we can also use extra plugins that prevent hackers from taking over your website.

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website maintenance