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Do you want more than organic growth? Then Sea Marketing is the right option for you. As a Google Adwords specialist, we will set up the right campaign for you to advertise on Google.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research and select a set of keywords that have a low PPC in the business sector.


We use optimal descriptions for the ad. and we target specifically the correct location in which the ad is displayed.

Ad Analysis

We analyse the results of keywords to see whether an ad works. This optimizes our budget as we focus on our campaings.


Through our ad analysis we have the right data to adjust a campaign. With this, we will optimise the weak points.

Google adwords and bing ads

What is Search Engine Marketing

In Search Engine Marketing, advertisers pay only for impressions that result in visitors. This is an efficient way for a company to spend its marketing budget.

Since consumers enter searches with the intention of buying your product, they are in an excellent situation to make a purchase. Compared to social media where users are not exactly looking for something.

Search marketing reaches consumers at exactly the right moment: when they are open to making a purchase. Unlike most digital advertising, PPC advertising is non-intrusive and is placed organically.

With SEO, it takes a long time to see immediate results. Therefore, SEA is recommended for start-up companies that want to rank high immediately.

Difference between SEO and SEM

SEO is organic growth, SEM is payed growth

With Search Engine Optimisation, your goal is organic growth through keywords. Search Engine Advertisement is optimizing your google ad. This can be done with keywords, a structured website, and good ad text. 

The better the quality of your ad, the cheaper it is to advertise, that is why many big companies hire professionals to optimize their SEA. 

Read more about the difference in our article “SEO VS SEA”.

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